A pro team, who develop digital products with a soul.

  • Our employees are divided into teams: development, design, product, marketing and content, customers relationship and support.

  • Each specialists have full responsibility in their part of work. In addition, they evolve in related areas to improve communication with colleagues.

  • We hire our employees thoroughly. The main part of our team consist of people who have work experience from 4 to 10 years, but we also don't forget to grow young talents.

  • Approach
    The basis of our products development is research and anlitycs of the people and businesses needs. That's why our solutions are effective.
  • Flexibility
    We're ready to solve atypical tasks and add to our basic offers any extra functions you need.
  • Stability
    The average duration of partnership with our clients — 5 years. We're open to dialogue, becoming a good friends with our clients, nevertheless we don't forget the business ethics.

Large and middle businesses growth with us.

It does't matter how many offices worldwide you have or how many people in your company stuff. If you have a task we will find a solution. The flexibility of our products allows us to adopt and implement in your company in a shortest possible time. Here are some clients working with us:
  • canon
  • dab
  • kenwood
  • fujifilm
  • seb
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Kyiv city, Pavlovs`ka st. 29
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